Monday, February 8, 2010

Juggling family life - Necklace and earrings comission

I've just finished 2 pieces in a commission for a 50th birthday present. Someone from England whom I met here recently, asked me to make two pieces for his wife. The first was based on my juggler piece and I'll show the other piece tomorrow.

He and his wife have 4 kids - the oldest is a son, then a daughter, then twin boys. So he decided he wanted the balls the juggler was juggling to represent his kids!

The blue ball is his eldest son, the pink is his daughter and the green balls are the twins! He chose to have the "biggest handfuls" as the green balls - as that was definitely the twins!

Isn't it a great idea.....Tomorrow I'll show you his other family piece.


jennifer said...

Ruth, this necklace is so clever, I love it!I can imagine it will mean a great deal to it's new owner to have something so unique. Her husband gets lots of points!

Ruth said...

Thanks Jennifer. He does deserve a lot of points! Take a look at today's post (9th Feb) for the second part - which I think I like even more!