Friday, February 26, 2010

Merry go round - What do I hope to learn/achieve this year?

It's time for another ride on the merry-go-round! Jump on and join a group of artists/crafts-women as they link around the world and tell you a little about their lives in art and craft.

This month's topic for discussion is: What do I hope to learn and achieve this year?

What I want to achieve this year is fundamental.   Through my creations, I want to make a difference/an improvement in how people feel when they see and wear my jewelry.  As we all need a way to measure our goals, I was thinking about having my goal be to receive more emails and messages like the one I got this week from a customer who received my necklace "I am strong".  She, unfortunately, had way too much sad stuff to deal with all in one weekend but still emailed me to say:

"WOW...This piece came to me at the perfect time.....I am so thankful for you making this piece and mailing it when you did. It really helped me through this tough weekend........really all I can say is THANK don't know how much it has touched me!"

Naturally,  I don't want people to have a hard time so they can appreciate something I make, and I'm not after recognition and people saying nice things - so maybe the emails and messages aren't important....I just hope I can touch more people through my creations -  and make them smile or give them strength, comfort, or......

Now the tricky bit - what do I want to learn this year?  I feel that right now, I am at a junction....and that I am a sponge.
I want to spread my wings and dabble in a few new things.  I feel that my wings have been clipped somewhat and I am creating to sell, rather than creating sometimes just for the pure joy of it.  So I want to branch out and try something new.....I have a list of ideas, some of which I know won't happen...but my vague list at the moment includes:
  • screen printing 
  • learn Illustrator
  • try larger sculptures using different media - for both indoors and outdoors
  • practice my drawing
  • create with nature
  • carving
I want to keep doing what I'm doing.. I do love making my whimsical jewelry and selling it -  but I came into this with no other previous creative outlet in my life and it just seems to be catching up with me a little - so I feel I just want to soak up some new stuff and stretch a little....I guess it's all about balance...finding time to keep doing what I love but making time to try some new things too.
    I guess my final thought on this blog post topic falls into both the achieving and learning categories...... I really want to do more collaborative work this year.   I have lots of ideas of what this could be, but won't give those away right now.  There are so many possibilities for collaboration.....If you think it would be fun to collaborate with me  - just get in touch! Let's do something different together....

    So 2010 is the year to create more smiles, to soak up new stuff and to stretch myself!

    Now I hope you'll head off and read what the other merry go round participants want to learn and achieve this year.  We have three new members this month: Alison, Mitsy and Kim.  Wendren is busy at a show so won't be participating this month....but it's still fun to check out her blog.

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    And what about you?  Tell me what you are thinking the year has ahead for you....


    florcita said...

    IT is true that sometimes the biz part takees over and one seems t be creating just for selling. And although we all need to make some money (at least to be able to pay for more supplies!) the point of being an artist gets lost. I think we are part of some lucky people that get to create for a living and enjoy each moment (well, salt and pepper...some times there is a bit of...not so much fun). So, if one has the means to go back to creating for fun, spreading the areas of expertise, conbining them, etc... a whole new world.
    So good luck to you. Would be a pleasure to work with you but I don't know how our areas would converge.

    (Im lat today, computer crashed, just got it restarted!)

    Ruth said...

    Thanks Mariana. Yes, I do consider myself extremely lucky - and just starting a new part of an adventure! Maybe it's like felting?...combine a few things together, throw it up in the air, agitate it a little - and voila - something new and tough and beautiful!

    Vilt à la Kim said...

    You have made a good start already by being aware of your position. Your jewelry can be touching people at the right moments. Does coincidence excist or was it "written in the stars"??Like it was going to happen anyway.... I think everything we do and see, talk about and meet is a lifetime of learning and experiences.

    BTW. How could I have missed the best horse of the stable???? :)
    I have aded your blog too!!

    Ruth said...

    Thanks Kim. I agree with what you say about coincidence -and especially today as we all learn from each others merry go round post! Glad you've joined us and I look forward to learning from you.

    Tweed Delights said...

    I think your goals sound great - it's so difficult to have a mixture of creativity and commercialism, but almost essential too. Collaborations are a great idea and brilliant for sparking up new ideas - wish you well with it :) Thanks so much for having me aboard - sorry I'm late commenting as I'm at my 'office job' today : /

    ArtMind said...

    I love how you want to broaden your creative live and there is nothing better then doing that through a collaboration. I've been collaborating since a while and it is superrefreshing and motivating.
    It's all about creating again - not about selling what people want - although that is neccesary to be able to be an artist, right? It somehow is the recognition for the work that we do. Getting such great feedback is fantastic and I bet that it made your knees week.
    Goodluck on achieving your goals - you'll do great! Thanks for the warm welcome to the group.

    Easterya said...

    I really think you have achieve your first goal... ever since the first time I laid eyes on your work I was touched by it, It's already part of what you do, so well done, you've already achieved it!!! =D
    More time to learn new stuff, yeaaaah!!!! Good luck!!

    Sara's Texture Crafts said...

    Another very inspiring post Ruth... I think you are right, it would be great to balance the day job with those personal creative moments. It's a shame that sometimes they have to be put to one side... I hope you can find that balance this year and I look forward to reading all of those new things you try.

    What an amazing message from your customer... Your pieces are so personal, that I'm sure every customer is thrilled to recieve them. It's a great thing that you do... Reaching out with art.


    Ruth said...

    Thank you for your comments. They are so encouraging.

    Alison - yes the creativity and commercialism is a tricky mixture that isn't static and does fluctuate so I guess we need to adjust...

    Mitsy - I've loved reading about your collaboration on your blog. It is very inspiring and I love what you are doing together. I know when I have collaborated, it makes you look at things so differently...

    Fabienne - thank you! Obviously I have plenty of time to play now!

    Sara - It is so good to follow each other throughout the year after reading our goals and dreams and see where we go! Looking forward to hearing all your continued growth.

    Lily Pang said...

    HI Ruth, these are very ambitious goals. They are so interesting. Looking forward to seeing your new prints, illustration and sculptures.

    meherio68 said...

    It is, or at least can be our priviledge to be the right person at the right time in the right place for someone. A good reminder to me of the fact that in old French, the word "commerce" denoted 'all' relationships, not just trade. It's our priviledge, as small players, to remain in touch with that human touch in trade.
    That's largely what keeps me going anyway...
    Sorry I'm so late this month (again...).