Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday's spotlight - Mad dogs and Englishmen

By guest blogger Pete.

I'm pretty sure that it was Noel Coward - if it's not him then I'm equally sure someone will let me know who it was - who wrote the song which contained the line; "Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun".  Well, with the weather we're currently getting, to go out in the midday sun would mean a quick optimistic  search for any sun and a good likelihood of catching pneumonia rather than sun stroke.  However, I must be a certified mad Englishman and Pam's stability must be equally questionable because we've decided to go for a five day break to Morecambe.

Photo by Bay Photographic 

Now Morecambe is a seaside resort on the Lancashire coast but with our weather neither of us expect to spend a few balmy days sitting in deck chairs enjoying that aforementioned yellow object that, sometimes, appears in the sky.  Morecambe is one of those places which, at low tide, has an endless beach stretching out to the barely discernible sea.  It's not advisable, though, to set off in search of that "barely discernible sea" because when the tide does decide to come in it does so and a remarkable speed.  In the past that speed has caught some tourists and winkle pickers (or whatever it is that they search for on the wet sands) by complete surprise and necessitated in a not always successful speedy rescue response for the coastguards.  I think we might venture for, at least, one windy walk along the prom - sufficient for me to be the true "mad" Englishman.  Sometimes I think Pam is more suspect with her completely mystifying love of walking in a gale force wind.  I mustn't say more because she will read this later on.  I'll just add that it wouldn't surprise me too much if we had more than one gale time walk along the prom!
Photo by Gidzy 

We're not driving to Morecambe for this break.  Instead we are going on a coach trip.  Included in the visit is a day trip to the lake district (one of England's most attractive beauty spots).  We have two days at leisure in Morecambe so I think Pam and I will spend at least one of them on a train visit to nearby Lancaster.  This is, I'm told, an attractive town complete with castle and other beautiful buildings.  Neither Pam nor I have been to either Morcambe or Lancaster before so when I get back I'll let you know what the two places we visited were like ------------------------------------ in midwinter.

 Photo by Dave Bleasdale 

So keep looking at this blog and you may see a modern version of "A Winter's Tale".  Now, who wrote that?  Don't think it was Noel Coward !!!!!!

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