Monday, February 1, 2010

Love Birds - Humphrey and Trisha

Thought you'd like to meet my two new birdie friends - Humphrey and Trisha.

They are very much in love as you can tell....

So you know they will be looking forward to Valentine's Day......They are so much in love that you frequently hear them calling each other "my darling" and "my love"...forgoing "Humphrey" and "Trisha". They are just two darlings....

But surely, now and again they must get a little annoyed with each other and fall out and....maybe that's when the "Humphrey" and "Trisha" can be heard:

But I guess they always like to hang out together, regardless....

OK. I confess. These two little birdies are named after some friends of ours! 5 years ago when we were travelling to the Galapagos Island, we met two British couples on the boat. One couple were called Humphrey and Trisha! They are quintessentially British! It's just wonderful......and that's right, Humphrey always refers to Trisha as " darling" or "my love"!!!

We had a wonderful time with them while travelling and I sort of wondered whether these terms of affection would rub off on John...but no! However Humphrey generously extended the terms to include me too - and I did the same for him!!

And we still do! We meet up once a year with the darlings when we go back to England and catch up on what we've all been doing and where we've been travelling!!

Here's to good friends!

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