Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Second round of experiments with Prometheus bronze

Someone asked if the first cats  I made in Prometheus bronze were available for sale.  As I wasn't happy with the little chunk that fell off one of them, even after I'd sanded it, nor the mottled color, I said I'd try making her another pair. Here are the second pair - a definite improvement on the first pair:

More predominant rosy color than yellowy bronze......  I prefer the cat on the right - shown below:

...but then I guess when making two of something, one will always be "better" than the other!

I'm trying a repair on the first pair of cats I made - by adding a new layer and refiring...I'll see how that goes today.

Bye for now...


zsazsazsu said...

Me too I have to get used to the more red color of the bronze. I put them in a pickling solution after firing and then sand them. But I don't think it look so shiny as yours do. How do you sand ?

Ruth said...

To start with I sanded them and finished them my usual "silver" way, added a brushed/matt look at the end - but I didn't think that suited the bronze. So I tried putting them in a tumbler to polish them up. I have this tiny unused tumbler, gathering dust..(I never tumble my silver), so I thought Id' give it a try. I like the shiny!

I read that you can use a hard brush to brush off the rosy color when it comes out of the kiln. I'm going to try this on the pieces in the kiln now.