Monday, February 15, 2010

A Month of Earrings

I joined a "challenge" at the beginning of the month.  It is to make 30 pairs of earrings by April 1st....that means you make on average, one earring a day throughout February and March.  I thought it would be good to join in - because I tend to make more necklaces than earrings and also because I have very few pairs of earrings myself!

You've seen some of my first 6 entries so far, in other posts, but I'll collate them all here.....and show you the new ones as they come along in future posts.

As I have only 6 pairs so far  and it's the 15th, I need to finish off a few more that have just come out of the kiln to keep up to date!

You'll notice that a couple of them are a different style for me.  They are created by coloring anodized aluminum.  I'll explain more later in another post....

There are 15 of us in the challenge and you can see all the earrings so far on our flickr group here.  If you fancy joining in - you still've only got 15 days to catch up :-)


Easterya said...

I ADORE the colours!!! They are fab!!!

Polkadotmagpie said...

great idea...looking forward to seeing them.