Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to add speech bubbles to photos

If you regularly read my blog, you may have seen my photo on Monday of the love birds Humphrey and Trisha, with their little speech bubbles:

There are a variety of web applications that are free and quick and easy and give some flexibility for adding little quotes....but the one I like best is called SuperLame Word balloon engine.

Basically you pull up your photo on their website and then get a few choices to play with:
  • You can use bold or regular font
  • You can choose the shape of the bubble so it's like a cloud, a square, a rounded square, a "burst" or an oval
  • You can choose to outline/border the bubble
  • You can drag it to position it wherever you want it and whatever size you want it
  • You can drag where you want the "tail" of the bubble. The shape of the tail - bubbles or point depends on the shape of your bubble
The comic balloon isn't limited to the size of your photo either - it can go beyond the borders of the photo and then the application defines new borders.

It's all very easy - takes less than a minute. You then save the photo and use it as you wish!

If you want, you can then print your photo, make stickers, put it on a tee shirt....

They also have a facebook app so you can add comments to your friend's facebook photos.

So give a try : - and show us what you do! It's a fun, free, easy, funny app!


WearableByDesign said...

Hahahah! So cute!

EmbellishYourself said...

Thanks for sharing that! Very fun!

tangled stitch said...

Thanks for sharing. I love the quotes that you gave to your pieces, it made them come alive!