Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Family Footprints bracelet

The second part of my recent commission (see yesterday's post) for a wife's 50th birthday present was to make a bracelet that was inspired by my animal tracks bracelet.

Instead of using animal tracks, the husband asked that I put human footprints on the bracelet in three different sizes. The largest to represent the eldest boy and include the letter "T' for his initial, the next size down for his daughter with a letter "K" and then two more smaller pairs the same size to represent the twin boys and the initials "D" and "M". Then we needed a square for the dog's footprints too!

I then added two more squares, one with her birthday date on, and then the second with the words "Gold Band" on - which is a family joke :-D It's been intriguing me while I make it actually..."gold band"????? ....one of those mysteries that probably won't be solved....

I asked if the husband wanted his own footprints on it too - but he said no, as "she did all the hard work"! Anyhow - I think it's a lovely family piece. I think he did a great job deciding what to put on it and I hope she loves it.

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