Saturday, February 13, 2010

National Nest Box week

It's National Nest Box week this week!  (In England - not the US, but should be worldwide). What a nice idea!  And perfect to coincide with Valentine's day.......little love birds building their nests...


I should go and count how many we have....We have a lot.  So I thought I'd dig out some photos to show you them - all hand painted by our visitors.

Whenever someone comes to stay with us, we ask them to paint a birdhouse and then put it up in the garden.  When we walk by it, it's a lovely reminder of that person.

And here are some silver ones that I've made over the years:

And here are some in use by the birdies.

Well - the great blue heron is merely using it as a perch!


A little blue bird wanting to stretch his wings

At peace - more bluebirds

So get out there this National Nest Box week - wherever you live - and build or buy a nesting box.  It will bring you so much joy!  And now is the perfect time to get them up in place.  There is information on building them and positioning them on the National Nest Box website

The best part is that you can get little cameras to go inside so you can watch what happens, and listen to all the little chirps.  Give it a try, you'll love it!


Carol B said...

I'd never heard of National Nest Box Week before. Thanks for the info, pics and links. I'm inspired to make one now!

florcita said...

What a fantastic thing. It should indeed be worldwide... we have several houses too, my husband makes them and then we all play and paint them. It's lovely to have them in the garden.

Jennifer said...

Thank you, Ruth, for this post. It galvanized me to print out the BTO "Making Your Own Nest Box" instructions and giving them to my Valentine who is the carpenter between the two of us. Our American birds have also lost considerable nesting locations and could use our help. Studies show that people who watch birds in their own gardens are happier people. Imagine how glad the birds would be. Seems a case of win-win.