Saturday, May 29, 2010

Field Guide to Bird Tracks bracelet

I've decided to change my bracelet design a little by making some of them elasticated instead of closing with a clasp.  Some people find clasps on bracelets very difficult to operate - no matter what type of clasp, so I thought this would be a nice option.

Here's the new design on my Field Guide to Bird Tracks bracelet:

I like it and am going to change my own "be as a bird" bracelet to elasticated.

What do you think?  Which would you prefer - a clasp or elasticated?

 "Hmm... I wonder which bird I'll grow up to be?"

The bird tracks bracelet can help you identify bird tracks that you may see in the soil or sand or wherever...The tracks shown are for the following birds (starting at the duck as that is easily recognizable!:

Duck; Bald Eagle; Canada Goose; Wild Turkey; Great Blue Heron; Sandpiper; Northern Flicker; Raven; Snipe.

I'm going to do a few new bracelets - do you have a theme you'd like to see on a bracelet - 9 different something-or-others???

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meherio68 said...

What about 9 leaves or 9 flowers ? Not terribly original, I know, but most flowery stuff is repetitive...