Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From "Perched" to "Perch"

Okay, Okay. Don't groan too loud! I thought it was quite a clever segue from yesterday's blog post entitled "Perched" about a bird ring to today's blog post about a fish pin "Perch".....No???? Thinking up new blog post titles every day isn't easy you know!!!

Anyhow - here's a little fishy I made as a pin in silver and resin.

fish pin

I really like pins and wonder why they aren't very popular. Okay - raise your hand if you like and wear pins.................................

Hmmm - maybe the situation isn't so bad - there were quite a few raised hands there, so my faith is restored a little and I'll make some more pins (or brooches as we like to call them!).

silver fish pin

Better go now and think how I'll be able to segue into tomorrow's blog post......hee, hee!

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