Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday's spotlight - Bloggers Block

By guest blogger Pete.

I get up from the comfy chair in the conservatory to go and write this blog and Pam asks, "What are you going to write about this week"  I answer, "I don't know".  This could be a very short blog.

Some time ago I said that I'd give you some "T.T.".  That was "teenager talk".  Do you remember?  My younger grandson, Peter, has written out some "cool" sayings or writings for texts and I lost the list (not so COOL).  Well, I've found it so here goes as I give you some of the more respectable versions:
LOL ------laugh out loud.
ROFL----rolling on the floor laughing.
CBA------can't be asked.
CBB------can't be bothered (to answer).
EFFORT -- same as above.
SSAD ---- cleaned up version of "same situation another day".
Now you'll all be with it.  With what?  DAM.

The garden is beginning to show a bit of colour now.  The major bulb explosion has come to an end and the longer lasting flowering plants and bushes are beginning to come into their own. Of the "nearly" 120 bedding plants that I have put in only 3 look a bit sick.

The firm,  "Green Thumb", who are trying to rescue my lawn from the ravages of moss, are due to make their 2nd call on June 6th.  Already, after just one visit, the grass is more than holding its own, which means more grass cuts.  It's a bit of a dull day today but I'm hoping that the photos I just taken will be okay for this blog.

Lincoln is in chaos at the present moment.  Every Tom, Dick and Harry (County Council, City Council and a few other councils thrown in) are having a picnic revamping and repairing the roads.  The quickest route from our house to uphill Lincoln is now via Skegness!!

Two questions.  1) Why is it that all road repairs and revamps are undertaken at the same time?   2)  Why is it that they insist of putting a top layer of grit/small stones on the tarmac.  This makes the lifespan of a car windscreen so much shorter than it need be.  Answers, please, in pencil around the border of a £10 note.

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