Thursday, May 13, 2010

"I'm looking for a friend....I'm looking for YOU!"

Our parrot Harold loves to watch childrens television in the morning.  We allow him one hour of PBS Kids programing on Mondays through Fridays so he watches Curious George first and then Sid the Science Kid (and yes, he is sad on the weekends, coz they don't play then!).

He just loves all the noises - especially the high pitched ones - and joins in squalking and singing and strutting around his cage.

So I am in and out of the kitchen when these are playing - but of course, not watching them! However, I away seem to hear Sid the Science Kid sing this one song......  Every morning,  when he gets to school  and is in the playground he "sings":

"I'm looking for a friend.... I'm looking for YOU!"
and each time, he finds a friend!  Good old Sid.

This latest bird that I made is also looking for a friend.  He's a big bird - 2 inches from tip of beak to tail - much bigger than I normally make - and I think he's looking for YOU!

I haven't named him yet... maybe he should be Sid?  What do you think?

Oh, Oh. Look what I found - Sid's song on Youtube! Now you can all see!

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Andrea said...

Or perhaps Bill (Nye, the science guy?!)