Monday, May 17, 2010

Mondays with Marly - California Dreamin'

By guest blogger Marly
Marly and Angie own Studio 28 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

What a difference two weeks makes. The income tax forms are mailed away and my left brain is recuperating and resting comfortably after having to perform a myriad of gymnastic feats to complete the task. "Go ahead and reminisce about your trip to California and your amazing visit to Birdland," my left brain lazily says. I'm headed off for a well-deserved nap. Just remember you promised we'd talk about studio organization later this afternoon." organization....O.K. then.... let's start reminiscing...shall we? 

Angie's spinner beads

It was the fall of 2008. Angie was having a significant birthday late in September and we wanted to celebrate it in a special way. So what evolved was an amazing week in California divided into three parts, exploring San Francisco, spending two days with Hadar Jacobson in her studio, and the big finale...visiting Ruth and family at their Birdland vineyard.

Marly's bronze and silver earrings

After exploring San Fran for two days we took the BART over to Berkeley and settled into a lovely B and B in the neighbourhood of Hadar Jacobson's place called The Brick Path B and B . Then we spent two days of creating jewelry under the knowledgeable guidance and expertise of Hadar in her studio/workshop space. We were so excited about our new learning experiences and the opportunity to spend time with such a gifted artisan.

Marly's collage pendant

 Angie's hollow form stones

 Angie's collage pendant

We ended our California adventures with a visit to Ruth's place in Glen Ellen. It was wonderful to see Ruth again and to experience Birdland, a magical retreat that exudes happiness, thoughtful creativity and natural beauty everywhere you look. We loved meeting Ruth's husband John and their colorful and talented parrot, Harold, and had a wonderful time in their company.

Ruth had planned many special events to help Angie celebrate her birthday. First it was off to the little mountain town of Calistoga for a mudbath...aahhh...such goopy, relaxing fun!

The mudbath and massage got us in the perfect mood for a bit of winetasting. Here's a picture of Ruth and I enjoying some wine at Roshambo winery. I'm looking rather stern as I want Ruth to notice that my wine glass is empty! Hee hee!

After a few more visits to nearby wineries, Angie and Ruth were ready to dance with the locals!

Ruth and John were amazing hosts. We'll always have memories of gatherings in the "fairy ring," delicious dinners, sipping on Birdland Merlot, sharing stories around the fire, and looking out at the stars above the vineyard. What a highlight of 2008!

Oh dear....I think my reminiscing time has run out...I hear the left side of my brain starting to stir. Maybe I can squeeze in some play time with metal clay before the dreaded "studio organization" conversation! Wish me luck!

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