Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quentin's Back!

Yeah!  I've been hearing Quentin calling for the last couple of days - but now I've seen him too! He's back in the garden...running across the lawn and scouting out the place - hopefully for a nesting site.

Quentin - and all quails, hang out in "coveys' in the winter - large groups of up to 100 quail and we occasionally see the covey but they don't venture as a group into Birdland in those numbers.

So it's great to see Q back again!  What a happy fellow he is - strutting around, with his distinctive call...

And if you haven't met Quentin before, he is a very special California Quail.  If you click on the caption competition tab on the top of the Blogger blog or here -  Quentin's Adventures , you'll see a few things that Q and his pals got up to last year! or else search on this blog for "quentin" and you'll see even more! 

Welcome back Quentin. Hope we get to see Queenie around the garden too and that you find a nice place to build a nest......  Wonder what else you'll get up to this year....

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meherio68 said...

I truly love Quentin. I do hope I can treat myself some day.