Saturday, May 1, 2010

Introductions - New Guest blogger Marly

I want to introduce you to a new guest blogger - my great friend Marly.  

Marly is an artist who works in fused glass, metal clay and lots of other things too.  She and Angie own and run Studio 28 in Waterloo, Canada (near Toronto).

Lake House View

The photo below shows Marly in my studio last year, when she and Angie were visiting.  While we were together, we had an incredible time making some collaboration pieces - three pieces with each of us contributing to each piece.  The process - and results - were amazing. Here's the link to the final blog post about our metal clay collaboration projects so you can see what we came up with.

Anyhow - I won't tell you too much about her, as she'll be doing that!  She will be blogging on alternate Mondays in her new slot "Mondays with Marly". So one week it'll be "Mondays with Marly" and the next it'll be "Monday's Millinery Musings" with Jennifer.  (Now why Jennifer's name doesn't begin with an M I'll never know!! Maybe she should change it!!!)

 Garden Window

I'm delighted she agreed to join our little band of bloggers, so we get to hear a little about "inside the artisan Marly".

See you Monday Marly!


Jennifer said...

Hello Marly and a BIG welcome to the LBB (little band of bloggers)!!! I enjoyed your post and look forward to your alternating Mondays. Your work is beautiful. All the best to you,

Marly Penner said...

Thanks for the welcome Mennifer...I mean Jennifer. I also, am enjoying your posts. It's interesting to learn more about the history, process, and art of being a milliner. I'll look forward to sharing the Monday blog spot with you!