Friday, September 2, 2011

Cockatoo designs

You may recall that my "bird a week" post last week was a steel bird brooch, with magnetic "pin".  I wore it that evening that I finished it to see how secure it was, etc and went to a cocktail party.  A woman at the party whom I hadn't met before, commented on the pin and said she'd love to get one for her sister-in-law's birthday coming up and could I make one for her.  Of course, I gave her my card and that was it.

She phoned a couple of days ago and said she'd like to go ahead.  How nice is that! She particularly asked if I could make the bird a cockatoo - and that, like mine, she wanted it "lighthearted" and whimsical.

So here are a couple of quick sketches I've done of cockatoos, which I'll email her and see what she thinks.The bird on the right is very similar to the pin that I was wearing - just with a different beak and fluffed up feathers on his head.  The one of the left is a totally different style. Here is the one she saw:

I think I like the one on the left best. What do you think?

And while you are answering that question - here's another for you. We went for a lovely hike in Sugarloaf State Park today. We did the same last Saturday too.  We've just found this great 6 mile hike. The way up is reasonably "up" but then there is a picnic table perched right at the top, perfect for lunch.  But as we sat there today, we did begin to, wonder about the great people who took all the wood up there! Gosh, that must have been tiring. The path is narrow so no vehicle could do it...Anyhow,
I'm digressing...the question I have for you is that on the way back, we walk through this open meadow area and it smells of rhubarb!  Lots of cooked rhubarb.  It's such a strong smell.  And delicious - especially for a rhubarb lover.  There are tiny white flowers in the meadow but they didn't seem to smell. Do you have any idea what could have caused the rhubarb smell? 

Do let me know if you have any ideas.
Enjoy the weekend xx

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Marly Penner said...

I can really see why you are getting comments and orders for your unique steel bird brooch. I just love the design. Will you add a feather to your new brooch you are making? I like both of your design drawings but I'm drawn to the stylized version of the cockatoo...closer to your original design especially if your adding a feather.
I know either design you choose will look great! We just got our new book and some steel clay from Hadar. Lots of interesting ideas!
It going to be fun to try some out!