Friday, September 16, 2011

The Postmistress

We had bookclub at my house this morning, to discuss the book The Postmistress by Sarah Blake.  It wasn't my turn to choose the book and host, but sadly Olga, who had chosen it, is not well.  I'd have been happy if it was my choice of book, as I loved it!

It is the second novel written by Sarah Blake. 

The story follows radio reporter Frankie Baird as she reports on WWII in London and Europe, sending her reports back to the US via the radio.  In the US, it focuses on the lives of two women living in a small town in MA. 

We had a great discussion on the book - lasting more than two hours.

I had listened to the audiobook version on my iphone, as I was doing my daily morning walks. It made the radio reports all the more real, so is a perfect book for audiobook. At times, I could cry as I was walking along, hoping I didn't meet any neighbors who would see my tears......

One of my favorite things about the book was the title.  As I listened to the book, I kept thinking about the title "The Postmistress" and tried to make sense of it.  It doesn't make sense for a long while....there is a postmaster in the book - who is female - but that is not what the title refers to.  And suddenly, it all became clear and made so much sense.  It is very clever, but I won't reveal it all here.

If you haven't read it - I highly recommend it.

On my walk today, I started a new book recommended by a friend: "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand".  Another audiobook, and within 20 minutes, I'm already very taken with it.  It is very British with sweet humour, and very proper British narrator!  I know I'm going to enjoy it.  I'll tell you more when I've finished it.

Have you read anything good recently that you can recommend? 


vilterietje said...

i love reading and read each night in bed. sometimes i can't sleep before the chapter is finished:)
the last book is a triology from thomas ross a dutch writer, very exciting!

Zoe Nelson said...

I loved The Postmistress, too. I'm reading "Last Night in Twisted River" by John Irving. Also very good.