Monday, September 19, 2011

Tracking animals

I've just finished another commission of an animal tracks bracelet!  This time heading to identify tracks in Texas.  That's two in two weeks. 

For each track, I make a separate photopolymer plate of the track and then use that to make the impression in the silver clay.

I have 21 different tracks now, plus a few other birds, but lots of birds look quite similar so I don't tend to use many of those.

Here are the tracks that I have - and, without cheating and reading what is on the back of each square, see if you can figure which ones are used in this bracelet:
  • badger, 
  • beaver, 
  • river otter, 
  • opossum, 
  • porcupine, 
  • skunk, 
  • fox, 
  • mountain lion, 
  • raccoon,
  • deer, 
  • bear, 
  • elephant, 
  • rhino, 
  • dragon (!), 
  • buffalo, 
  • dog, 
  • cat, 
  • owl, 
  • eagle, 
  • duck, and 
  • crow/raven.