Wednesday, September 28, 2011

39/52 Bird a week - Life is good in the dog house!

This week's bird is not the focus of the piece, but just a little part of it. He is actually the bird of a weather vane on a dog's house. He enjoys sitting up there and spinning around in the wind!

It seems an appropriate piece this week as we have both a bird and a dog with us at home. And the dog has definitely been in the dog house this week!!!   Most of the time the dog, ( we are pet sitters for her) and our parrot Harold, ignore each other, but when the dog barks, Harold loves to shout louder!!  It's pretty scary here if the door bell rings!!!

The piece was made at last weekend's "Art is you" class.  I took this class as, you may recall, at the beginning of the year, I decided to try new things this year and be more experimental.  Compared to silver jewelry, I guess this is definitely something different!

The dog house and wheels are wooden; the window is mica; the roof is pewter; the window and door frames, dog, and bird weather vane, are all made from paperclay and painted with acrylics; and the flowers are felt.

If you are banished to the dog house this week, don't worry.  Life is good out there with all those pretty flowers!

To see the other birds that have been made this week as part of the challenge, click on the links below:

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vilterietje said...

i bet the bird sings this week:
you are my f**ck**ng sunshine:)