Thursday, September 1, 2011

First harvest of September - Green Anjou Pears

First harvest of the month today was picking the small Green Anjou pear tree.  Even though the tree is small, it had plenty of fruit on it - 20lbs of pears. 

We have another pear tree that needs picking soon - with dark red anjou pears, but that'll wait for another day. I think these will head for the cellar to keep cool!

Guess we'll be having lots of pear green smoothies in the near future ( yes we still have green smoothies every day!) and I'll also dehydrating be some as we loved our dehydrated apples and pears last year!  What is your favorite pear recipe - do let me know and I'll give it a try!

Are you harvesting anything?


vilterietje said...

my favourite is pear and cheese on filo pastry in the oven! simply lovely:)
enjoy your pears!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I love slices of pear with Brillat Savarin. Dave harvested Fuji apples yesterday and the Seckle pears are looking ready to pick. We are running out of counter space already!

Ruth said...

Sounds delicious Riet. And Jennifer, I don't think I've ever had Brillat Savarin - unless I have at your house! I'll have to hunt some out and give it a try. Obviously cheese and pears is the way to go!
What are you planning to make with yours J?