Wednesday, September 14, 2011

37/52 Bird a week - Last baby bird of summer

While most birds lay their eggs in spring or at the beginning of summer, many will also lay more than one brood. This leads to new babies throughout the summer and this week, I saw what I think is the last baby bird of summer:

Last (bronze) baby bird of summer

His nest is in one of the olive trees - and you can see he is a typical hungry baby - beak wide open!  No doubt his parents will be happy when he fledges and can find his own food.......or maybe that will be a sad time?  There are lots of "empty nesters" out there right now - kids gone off to university or start of their adult life.....Maybe the parents will look longing back on those busy times.... Do you have an empty nest?...or is your last baby bird still with you?

PS The baby bird and nest are made from fastfire Bronzclay, in case you were interested.

Here are links to other birds discovered this week:


My Computer Tutor said...

Yes my last baby bird is still with me and he's 29!

Ruth said...

29! Better teach him to fly soon!...or is it long term planning so he'll be there for you when you need help?

vilterietje said...

love your bird and story:)

Sue McNenly said...

Lovely, and what a perfect little spot for the photo:) Looks so cozy in the nook.