Wednesday, August 24, 2011

34/52 Bird a week - Time for me to fly

Back trying out the steel clay again.  This time, I decided to utilize it's magnetic powers and create a magnetic pin/brooch.  Thus "Time for me to fly" was born. My 34th bird in the bird a week challenge.

He's a happy little bird, legs a-flappin' (and they wiggle as you wear him), and tucked under his wing is a little yellow feather.

The wing is removable as it is attached using the magnet that secures this pin/brooch to your clothes.  This means you can change the feather for a different colored one, or else you can omit the feather if you prefer and just angle the wing however you would like it (- or depending how fast he is flying!!).

Here he is, borrowing one of Harold's feathers (my pet parrot!)

A versatile little fella, don't you think??! And yes, the magnet is strong enough that he stays in place on your clothes, (without a pin creating a hole) and keeps his wings and feathers in place too!

Gotta go now - time for me to fly!

You can see the other birds that have created this week by clicking on the links below.


vilterietje said...

a very creative flight, love it:)

Sue McNenly said...

Wow! You are on such a creative roll. How wonderful about the magnet. I think these will fly off the shelves (table?) at the market:). I'll be expecting to see you on 60 Minutes soon!

One more well deserved 'good for you' for you:)

Ruth said...

Thanks Riet and Sue. How lovely to get your positive comments.
I've actually finished at the farmer's markets now. I start back singing every Sunday at the cathedral next week so wanted to have two free Sundays in my life for a change!!! I enjoyed doing them however, and made some lovely contacts. Hope the creative life is treating you well.