Wednesday, August 17, 2011

33/52 Bird a week challenge - You crack me up!

My bird this week wasn't exactly successful, but he is still a different bird that I made as part of the challenge. The challenge doesn't have to be all successful birds!  Poor No. 33!  Here is "you crack me up" bird.  Yes, he has big cracks in him!!!

I made him as one of my trials with the new pearl grey steel XT clay from Hadar Jacobson.  My other blog posts this week are all about my tests with this new clay.

By the look of the cracks, my suspicion is that he wasn't totally dry inside before I fired him.  He'd been drying for quite a while on a coffee warmer and felt completely dry and sanded well, but this was the first steel piece that I had used the coffee warmer for, so maybe the outside was totally dry but the inside wasn't?? I did however also fire this bird using a different container than my first couple of pieces, but I don't think it's that.  The only way I'll tell is if I do some more trials....So I guess I will.

The other problem with this birdie is that I think he looks like a fish!!!  OK, so he has a beak ...but I still think there is something fishy about him! Don't you?  Maybe he is a parrot fish???

I guess he won't be winning any big prizes in my 52 birds that I do this year, one each week - but he is one that I will learn from!

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vilterietje said...

he looks a bit "fishy", but i love him more than the "perfect" birds:)

Patty Biermans said...

You're right! He looks like a parrot fish and that makes him very lovely to me!! Wish you good luck with your experimenting. hugzz...peebee