Sunday, August 7, 2011

The wine experience - Part II

By guest bloggers Mary (my sister) and Matt (my nephew)

The second part of our wine experience was to learn all about blending.  First we blended white wines, then red, then fruit juices.

Matt figuring the pipetting

It was a very scientific process.  Firstly we smelled and tasted different grape varieties of wine. Then using a pipette, we blended different quantities until we like the end result.  Then we did a blind taste test of all 6 wines and voted on our favorite.

Peter found the red wine blending particularly challenging as he didn't like the taste of any of the reds before blending!

Peter and Johnnie

Matt was the white wine blending expert, John the red wine expert (obviously!) and Ruth and Peter found the best juice from a mixture of pomegranate, blood orange, strawberry and watermelon.  The 2 best juices were named Strawberry Bliss and Harold's delight.

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