Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekly bird in the hand

Here is this week's list of things I am grateful for:

"Shall we dance?"  Photo by mikebaird
  • Matt, Peter, Mary and Fin - my sister and her family, who arrive back in England today :-(. We'll miss them. After staying with us, they enjoyed a few days in Yosemite and some in SF. We had dinner with them on Wednesday night.  We so enjoyed our time together.
  • Our pond. I've taken to trying to find a little time each day to sit at our pond. It's so peaceful - apart from all the wildlife!  I love watching the great blue heron; the turtle on the duck platform, soaking up the sun; the kingfishers; the red and blue dragon flies; the frogs; the fly catchers; the fish and tadpoles; and occasionally, when I sit quietly, Quentin and his new family of tiny quails wanders by.  
  • My voice lesson. I had such a great voice lesson this week.  Just exciting! Thanks Karen.
  • My dear friend Clare whose birthday it is today
  • My dear friend Fabienne whose birthday it is today
  • Walking in a quiet area and listening to the silence.
  • The joy of learning

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vilterietje said...

lots of small and BIG birds in the hand this week! have a naice weekend:)