Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birdland Vineyards in August

By guest blogger John

It's hard to believe that we are more than 1/2 way through August already as we really haven't had any hot weather yet. The mornings are misty and the temperature gets to about 85F or so in the afternoon. That's lovely weather to be outside but the grapes could use a bit more heat to get them ripening.

As you can see from this photo some of the bunches are just starting to change color and every day a few more grapes show that they are starting to ripen but I think we are going to be harvesting late this year. I started irrigating the upper rows a couple of weeks ago as the vines seemed to have stopped growing and now need some water to keep them with plenty of leaves.

We did have a very unusual 'grape' on one of the vines, much bigger than normal! Hope you enjoy this photo that was not set up by us at all - pure mother nature!

What happened is that some of the tendrils on the grape vines stretched over towards the apple tree and wrapped themselves around the stalk of the apple!  The pull of the vine and tendril actually picked the apple but then held onto it too!  Now it looks like we have apples growing on our grape vines!  Makes you think that you don't want to stand still too long near the vines or they may drag you in!

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vilterietje said...

hope for you the sun will shine the rest of august and september, so the wineyear 2011 will be saved!
love your picture of the "applegrape" :)