Wednesday, August 10, 2011

32/52 Bird a week - Happiness

For this week's bird, I made two bluebirds of happiness. 

They are made from color anodized aluminum.

They are very friendly and when they get together, they tend to chat quite a lot.  Luckily when you wear them as earrings, there is a little separation so they are quieter! 

We've had two batches of bluebirds nesting in our boxes this summer and both have yielded a few babies.

They don't look very blue yet, but then, I guess they need feathers to look blue!

They are useful birds to have in the vineyard - not just because they bring happiness (!), but also because they eat insects and thus keep the insect population down on the vines.

Take a look at the other birds that people have created as part of the bird a week challenge. The links are below:


vilterietje said...

bluebirds over the mauntains, seagulls over the sea......:)

Anonymous said...

Sweet little blue birds! I bet they are very comfortable to wear.