Monday, August 29, 2011

Father and Daughter collaboration - Stained glass windows

Today's bracelets are a collaboration between my father and myself.  Any of you who remember him as my guest blogger for a few years, writing "Sunday's spotlight" may well recall that he loves photographing churches/cathedrals and flowers.  Yes, a few other buildings get thrown in occasionally, but it's very rare to find people in his photos.

I was checking his Flickr site the other day as he had added some new photos and saw a lovely photograph of a stained glass window from Peterborough cathedral.  It was a beautiful bright window, with such rich colors. 

Photo by Pete2010
Immediately, I thought it would make a wonderful color anodized aluminum bangle.

And indeed it, I think it does! The richness of the reds, blues and greens contrast so nicely with the silver of the aluminum and the black.  It is just rich!  You can see the saint with a bird here in this bangle (- maybe my dad knows the background to the window and who this is?):

I'm loving wearing one. And yes, it's shiny!  Quite a contrast for me who normally wears matt!

I think I'll be taking some down to Grace cathedral when we start singing there again next week and see what reaction I get.  What do you think?

Thanks Dad. It was great to take something you created and use it in one of my creations.  There may well be more of these in the future!


Sue McNenly said...

How special and wonderful. I honestly have no clue how you do these? I thought they were drawings, but now I'm wondering if you can start with a photo??? Anyway, a precious piece of art that symbolizes a special bond. Well done.


Ruth said...

This is a new style Sue - from a photo rather than my usual with resists and patterns. Thanks for your lovely comments.

vilterietje said...

wonderful creation, and the story to use your father's photo's makes it very special:)

Marly Penner said...

Just love these new bangles, Ruth! I think they'll be a real hit a cathedral! How exciting to be able to collaborate with your Dad and use his photos to make such stunning bangles! Just beautiful!

Ruth said...

Thanks Riet and Marly. I know, it is nice to collaborate. I see my dad and I doing a few things together. My mum just asked me to make her a bangle with a photo of myself on it, so she can talk to me as she wears it!!! Somehow, I don't see me doing that!!! :-D