Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Listen to the birds

Some friends came round today and commented on how peaceful our home was. It reminded me of a lovely comment our window cleaner made once.

He said that when he cleans people's windows, he always puts his headphones on and listens to his MP3 player as he works - apart from when he comes to our home. When he is here he says he doesn't bring his MP3 player but instead listens to the many songs of the birds in the garden.

I just love that - and it's so true. It is quiet where we live, apart from the sweet sound of the songs of the birds. At the moment it's the house finches we hear as they look to build nests on ledges in our porch that are much too small!

And people ask why we call our home - (and my business) - "Birdland"! You just need to come here to know why.

So get outside this week, and listen to the birds.... You'll be glad you did. It's a great time of year to hear all their songs.

Here's a little snippet of the house finch's song


Karen said...


tangled stitch said...

How lovely! I love the sound of birds chirping too. Beautiful piece too.

Nicola said...

That is really sweet I made a whole farmyard this easter, lots of bunnies, a sheep and a little bird.
The bunnies will become a range, they're just off to the hallmarkers.
I adore your birdsong, we have a feeder outside but only get sparrows (still fab to watch though)
Nic xx

Ruth said...

I made an "old Mac Donald had a farm" charm bracelet a while ago - also called "My family and other animals!" I had Matt the sheep, Trotter the pig, Curdle the cow, Mozzarella the mouse, Welsh the Rabbit, Wattle the chicken....... I want to see yours! I'll have to check your blog see if you have posted them yet!