Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Business Matters - Marketplaces - Dawanda

I said last week I was going to post about the Australian marketplace Mintd - but I've changed my mind. It was all too depressing and I can't even get on the site now. Maybe they no longer exist??? So telling doom and gloom doesn't seem like a good way to go! Basically - avoid Mintd - there is no support, no admin, no ...

So instead - how about Dawanda.

I have to say that Dawanda is my favourite of the marketplaces. It is a European site and, with the help of two friends that I "met" on the site, I list my items in English, French and German. The multiple language listings really is the trick to the website. The English part has the least number of buyers/visitors, and the German the most - as it started as a German site. The majority of my customers are German - although my best customer is French. I rarely sell to the UK/US through them.

It's quite a bit smaller than Etsy so you can be found! You don't have to relist all the time - it's just a nice place to sell - and buy.

On the English site there is currently no charge for listing - but that will change sometime this year. The commission is 5%. There has recently been a little bit of controversy with fees being backdated as until this year, we never got any bills at all. I think that has settled down a little - although some sellers left.

The admin is OK and gets back reasonably promptly. The forum isn't as active as Etsy - and I tend to look and respond once in a while. All the prices are in Euros.

I do a lot of mentoring on Dawanda where people setting up a new shop can contact me and I'll help them and review their store and let them know my thoughts/suggestions. I tried to set up an "official" mentor program with Dawanda admin so other "seasoned" sellers could help too - but Dawanda never really seemed to jump on board.

One aspect of Dawanda that is a little different and I do like is that they have sales every now and again - related to something happening - like the olympics or world cup or......Sellers can choose whether to opt in or not - but it seems to be a popular thing. If I recall - it is generally an 11% discount and Dawanda chooses different types of products each day to have on sale.

If there was one thing that I would change it would be that payment would come through immediately. The system of buying at Dawanda is that you make your selection, the buyer confirms it and notifies of postage charges and then the buyer has a week to pay. Sometimes people don't pay or it takes them a long time. It would just be nice if it was a simple one step buy and pay system like other marketplaces.

My overall comment is I love Dawanda.

I've made some great friends, have some wonderful customers and just like it! If you are thinking of trying another store - take a look at Dawanda. If you already sell on there - I'd love to hear your reaction.

Next week I'll tell you about Nest.


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

I'm too crazed to do it this week, but I've just recently been thinking of adding Dawanda to my list. When I feel up to it, I'll mail you for sure!

Ruth said...

Yes - please do Lora. Happy to chat about them and other marketplaces.