Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trunk Show

The trunk show went well today. A reasonable number of people came by - maybe they were all at work!! It was the first time the group had done a day time slot!

As the theme was Mothers' Day, I showed three lariat style necklaces. The first one was the mother's lariat charms:

This reminds mothers of the times when we were young and innocent and cute and easy to please!!!

My second piece was going to be my "comfort" hand piece but it sold as I listed it yesterday! So that was good. Instead I chose "in safety's keeping" in recognition of the safe place that mothers provide us - that little bit of safe haven:

My third piece was "home is where the heart is". I've done quite a few variations on this design as they always seem popular. It needs no explanation why this would be appropriate for mothers' day.

The whole trunk show is a lot of fun. People comment all the time, some people speak, some are on camera so you can see them...and participants can "throw" hearts or cupcakes or penguins or whatever to people or items being shown. This may not make sense - but if you go to one, you'll see what I mean. If you missed this one - try another in the future. It's a fun experience!!!!

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Nicola said...

Beautiful work - as always ;)