Saturday, April 11, 2009

Flower earthread earrings

After doing the wedding flower set, I thought it was time to do some flower ear threads. You know my love of ear-threads - and I know how many people don't like even the thought of them - but as pretty little flowers dangling from your ears...I just think they are sweet.

But I have to tell you, hand sculpting a pair of earrings is not easy. To try and get them the same size, never mind the same shape is a real challenge. These worked out pretty similar actually...obviously a little luck was on my side.

The other challenge I have is how to photograph ear thread earrings. As with most of my earrings, because they are three dimensional, they don't show well lying flat on a solid surface and look much better hanging. I sort of get around that with ear wires and posts by hanging them on silver wire - but that doesn't work with ear threads.

The tricky part is: 1. I want to show how ear threads "work" as not everyone is familiar with them; 2. I want to show the optional rubber stopper to keep it in the ear; and 3. I hate the idea of showing earrings on live models as then people will think they will have been in someone else's ears!

So if anyone reading this has successfully photographed ear threads, I'd love to hear how. I've tried looking at other people's photos but .......

Anyhow - hope you like the pretty flowers. Happy weekend!

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Monica Hamburg said...

Oh, I LOVE these! So pretty!