Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Business Matters - Marketplaces - Boundless Gallery

As I've spent the first three months of this year writing about different "business matters" topics, I thought I'd go for a little change for the next few months - still about business - but each week I'll write a little about the different marketplaces that are available for us to sell our arts or crafts. I've tried quite a few and so obviously it will only by my personal opinions but it may encourage you to look at somewhere new...... And if you have experience of the marketplace I mention, please add your thoughts and comments too.

This week, the first one up is Boundless Gallery. I no longer sell on Boundless but I did for a little over a year. I really like it as a marketplace and if you haven't looked at it - you should.

It just has a good feel about. It's not too busy, it's really easy to upload items, their search is good, there are optional ways to pay a little extra for more exposure........ I just really liked it. There is no listing fee and different monthly rates that vary the commission you pay.

So why aren't I still selling there, you may ask? I just don't think it's a good place for jewelry. They have been selling jewelry there since they started but it really is predominantly paintings, photos and prints. There are other things like fiber art, sculptures, ceramics, glass art - but it really showcases paintings.
I stopped selling there a while ago so things may have changed - but it seems that it is the place for shoppers who want to buy paintings - so not quite the jewelry niche. If you are a painter, you may want to take a look.....

Next week I'll write about Mintd.

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Beaded Zen said...

Thanks for the review. It's looks like an interesting selling site.

Jewelry is a tricky item sales wise and not a good fit for all places. I think sometimes we have to find ways to market our items for certain sites. Sorta like tailor certain pieces to attract the "interest" of the people who shop there.

If you try to sell there again maybe you can try a line of "art or painting" jewelry? Little paint brush inspired pieces or something?