Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At the Movies!

And while we are talking of movies.........My parents are visiting from England at the moment which means I haven't had much chance for making jewelry. However, I did quickly manage to make a little something for myself this week.

It is the Sonoma International Film Festival this week - starting tomorrow. It is our favourite event in Sonoma and I always look forward to it. I therefore decided I should have some "movie" jewelry to go with it. How come I've never done this before I hear you ask???? Don't know - but this time I'll be fully equipped!! And making something for me was nice too!

I've made some film reel earrings and put them as ear threads so the threads sort of look like the film......

OK - so maybe they don't use film reels anymore and it's all digital but how pretty would DVDs look as earrings?

...and I also made a clapperboard!

And do they still use clapperboards? I think so - but they are electronic????

I'll let you know if I get any comments - or maybe Bruce Willis (who is being honored at the festival) will want to buy some for his new wife???!!! I'll be sure to let you know - and tell you about the best movies too.


Nicola said...

A "take" if ever I saw one ;)

Anonymous said...


I love these!!! They are just perfect. Do you make ear threaders or have any others.

I was introduced to them last year and have fallen in love, but there isn't much selection that I like being that I'm a little "off" in my own world in taste!!


Ruth said...

Hi Coleen
good to 'see' you! I too just love ear threads. I wear my bird ones so often - it seems such a shame when I can make all this jewelry and end up having such a favourite. They are just so comfortable and secure....

So I have the songbird ones and I've made a few others and sold them - but basically I make lots of designs for ear threads. It's a shame they aren't so popular - some people seem a little freaked out by them for some reason....Anyhow - I'll email you some photos.
Take care

tangled stitch said...

Great reel earrings and I'm not in hollywood but I think they look very accurate. Like the clipboard thing too. Have a great visit with your parents! Not sure if it's Pete but tell him I said hello if it is. I enjoy reading his blog posts also.

Clueless said...

Ear threads freaked me out big time when I first saw them, but a jeweler that I really trusted talked me into them. They were really strange and yucky at first, but now I just love them! However, it does freak others out.

Ruth said...

It is strange isn't it how people are either freaked out about them or it makes no difference. I know some customer when they have looked at them thought that putting a chain through your ear was so weird - but it really is no different than a post....!! Each to their own.

Ruth said...

Debra-Ann - thanks for your comment. Yes, it is Pete - my dad - staying with me. We are having good time and he and my mum are looking forward to the film festival starting! Take care

Anonymous said...


But, it is more tactile and you can feel the chair run through instead of a straight post.

Can't wait to see the photos.


Anonymous said...


It is the tactile feel of the chain running through my ear which is different that feeling a straight post.

I can't wait to see the pictures!!!


Beaded Zen said...

They look accurate to me. How creative of you =)