Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - Spring

By guest blogger Pete

Being retired is something that I can definitely recommend. It doesn't mean that you stop doing things but it does mean that you can do more of what you want, when you want and how you want to do it. Hobbies come into their own when you retire.

Just occasionally, however, life continues to get a bit hectic. I'm retired and, from time to time, a lot of things get booked for a short period of time. When I was working this seemed to be the norm but now I'm retired it is the exception. If nothing else the experience will give my few remaining brain cells a little exercise - and, probably, make me appreciate retirement even more.

Two more of my retirement hobby pastels this week. I must have been in a thunderous mood when I drew the landscape below BUT if you look carefully I hope that my scanner has caught the touch of yellow in the picture to represent the sun (trying to get through or trying not to be squeezed out?). Mind you, even on a sunny day I don't think I'd fancy living in that cottage. I don't suppose the inhabitant(s) enjoy many modern day appliances. At least they wouldn't complain about noisy neighbours, though.

I had trouble sharpening the other drawing below. It is a photo of a drawing but that original drawing has now been framed and the non reflective glass doesn't favour photography. This is a drawing I made last year of my younger grandson, who showed considerable talent and intelligence right from birth by starting off life with the same Christian name as mine.

Is it Spring where you are yet? Some foolish - nay, extremely foolish - man once said that young men's fancies turn when Spring arrives. We're beginning to get the early signs of Spring here in Lincoln but this morning the local radio station forecast that tomorrow (Wednesday) would being a heavy frost and sleet showers. I'm glad I'm not a daffodil bulb!!!!!!


tangled stitch said...

Your work is wonderful and your grandson is just adorable.

Beaded Zen said...

We've been having spring like days here in NYC. This weekend was nice and warm but got cloudy off and on. Still I enjoyed it!

Today it's raining =(... but still warm =)

Great drawings!

Ruth said...

The landscape hardly looks like spring! But soon you'll be here and then you'll know! you always bring the 100 degree weather!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth

N ot only a I trying to get a comment on the blog but I also contact you to let you know that I'll keep you up to that forecast.

Dad. xxxxxxx