Saturday, March 14, 2009

Anyone can whistle

I recently sold my "anyone can whistle" necklace and the buyer, Claudia from Germany, told me she had bought it as a gift for her husband.

As it is quite an unusual necklace which is a whistle as well - I asked Claudia if she would mind telling me why she selected it and how she saw him using the whistle. Here's her idea behind the gift!

"The phrase "to do somebody's bidding" translates in German "to dance to somebody's whistle"; in other words, if you arrive in chaos, you whistle, get attention and go back to business.

My husband is working with disordered kids (like a "supernanny"- coming to families' homes, checking situations, helping parents and kids).
He also works with kids in groups and imagine kids with ADHD/ADS in groups; that can be really loud. The whistle should act as a surprise for those situations.

Second, do you know the title song from "Gilmore Girls"? Carole King: Where you lead. The lyrics are "you just call my name and I'll be there ". Well, he can use the whistle then.

Overall, this is all symbolic; actually, my husband does not like necklaces; either he will wear it on a leather string or as his key ring... I will let you know :) His birthday is in 2 weeks time and it will be his 40th."

So 'Happy Birthday' to Claudia's husband. Hope he likes his birthday present and that the kids will soon associate the sound with him and his caring. Always great to hear where your creations go..... Thanks for letting me know Claudia.

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tangled stitch said...

Just fabulous and a whistle too. Wow.