Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - To new things and someone who couldn't count!

I think I mentioned it last week or the week before but it is a few years now since I taught in a school. That will teach me to tempt fate! Monday saw me taking the assembly at the local primary school. The school is attached to the church we worship in - St Peter at Gowts. I bet you don't know what a "gowt" is? I'll show off and tell you. "Gowt" means "drain". St Peter's history goes back to the 10th century and a Roman Road ran through its churchyard. We have a flood drain about 50 yards from the church but I don't think that was the original drain - more likely a Victorian introduction. Lincoln was very susceptible to flooding in the 19th century and being a large industrial town (the first tanks of World War 1 were built here) I suspect that the Victorians changed the lay out of the original drain to it's present position.

But I digress. The school I took the assembly at is not a very big one but it has some smashing kids there. Pam, my wife, on major festivals takes some of the children into Church to decorate the Childrens' Corner window sill. She'll have to train a new bunch of pupils at the beginning of next term because her present group will all have moved up to "the big school". I'm also about to become a governor at St Peter's School next term so you might be getting a bit more news about the children from time to time.

I've joined a new photography group in our area. This group is known as "Photo Nomads". We have no fixed meeting dates but when an interesting event comes up we meet there and, together, go around (i.e. "nomadic) looking for some good photos. The more experienced help the newly addicted.

On Sunday we are off to Belvoir Castle - about 30 miles or so from Lincoln - for a traction engine rally. "WOW!", I can hear you say - and you, Ruth! I bet you all wish you could be here to join us on Sunday. This is one of the largest such rallies in the Midlands and, unless the heavens open up and the rain pelts down, there will be plenty of people there. Just a little note for my daughter after her recent remarks about "tea". We will be meeting in the "TEA TENT", which, I'm reliably told, is very easy to find.

We went to our annual quiz last night - although why we should, each year, inflict such a punishment upon ourselves is beyond my comprehension. We had a table of what we call "anoraks" there but ours' was, by far, the nosiest and most useless table because we didn't get much of a score by the end even though we had more laughs than anyone else. In the first half we scored 18 points out of a possible 35 and in the 2nd half it was 22 of our 35. However, we came 2nd to the "Anoraks". Much to our utter amazement, confusion, delight, amusement and surprise we were praised for scoring 58 points. Actually we managed only 40 and were probably last but we did manage to shut up the "goody goody" in our team and stopped her from spilling the beans. Even the "anoraks" said "good night" to us! What more praise can you expect? Can you work out how we were awarded 58 points instead of 40? The only prize offered to any winners is an invitation to join us next year for this wonderful quiz.

Go on - keep quiet when things are going your way!

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