Friday, May 15, 2009

In the garden.....

We came back from England last week and it was so lovely to see the garden and how it had progressed in the few weeks we were away. This year we planted some rhododendrons that my parents bought my husband and they were all in flower. In few years, they will just be gorgeous as they edge the wooded area.

Of course, the vineyard has now greened as well after all those months of black/dark brown. Those leafing vines are so fresh and vibrant.

We did quite a bit of work about our pond a few years ago with plantings and this year they are really looking established.

Notice the little bird on the fountain below! We switch the fountain on every day around 5pm so they can have their shower....

So enjoy a few garden photos. This last one is my husband John on our little dock at the pond. We try to have "cocktail hour" at 5pm every evening - a time to stop what else we are doing and partake in a little drink! It's a great habit and whenever we have people staying with us - it's one that they always so easily slip in to!!! And tonight our time was spent wandering around the garden with our cocktails in hands, making new plans, seeing what we need to do over the weekend, and me taking a few photos. How does your garden grow?


Nicola said...

So will we be able to tell which pieces of your Jewellery were made after cocktail hour, lol
Stunning Garden, when's the B&B opening?? :)
Nic xx

Ruth said...

Ha ha! Maybe I should have a competition - guess the before and after....before cocktail creation and after cocktail creation!!!!