Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sing your heart out

Don't you just love it when you wander outside and a birdie is sat in a tree singing his little heart out. He just keeps on singing. What a happy little bird. And sometimes they are soooooo loud!

Well, while I'm finishing up my "be as a bird" bracelet - I used one of the photopolymer plates and made a necklace - showing a little bird singing his heart out.

So take time out from your worries and stresses and just sing your heart out!

PS the bracelet is coming soon. Please come back to see it!


Nicola said...

We have a very loud & noisy Blackbird in our garden, & I love him!
Nicola xx

hint said...

I'm tweeting my heart out right now! Thanks for the mental coffee break:)

"somewhere over the rainbow..."

Ruth said...

Wish I could hear you Beth - and wish I could hear your Blackbird Nic!