Friday, May 29, 2009

Merry go Round - Is this what you expected?

It's time for another ride on the merry-go-round! Jump on and join a group of artists/crafts-women as they link around the world and tell you a little about their lives in art and craft.

This month's question that myself and other merry-go-rounders will answer is "Five years ago did you think you'd be doing what you are doing now (craft/selling)? What has surprised you the most?"

I know that 5 years ago I was just graduating with my master's degree in Health Psychology and prior to that I had been a research pharmacologist! Designing and selling jewelry was not in my head at all. I guess my only slight leaning to creating and selling at that time was that when I moved to California in 2003, I started knitting again on the car journey from FL to CA. I hadn't knitted in many years but the thought of a long car journey over a few days inspired me to try it again. When I arrived in CA, a gallery owner noticed the scarf I was wearing and asked where I got it from. When I told her I had made it - she asked if she could sell them for me....and so I went home and thought about it - and decided "why not" (this was before the big "scarf" influx!!!).

At that time, I still wore the same gold necklace, rings and bracelet everyday and just wasn't a jewelry person! And I never wore silver! Oh, how we change!!!

I think one of the things that did influence me around that time was that I went to Germany in the summer of 2005 on a singing tour - singing Bach where Bach lived and worked. When I was there, we'd find a little time to shop and I found myself so attracted to the German jewelry. I just loved it all - the style was just so "me". Just beautiful.

Fast forward 4 years and here I am making jewelry and my biggest customer base is Germany! Guess our styles are connected!!!

What has surprised me most is everything! 1) I never thought I'd do something like this, 2) I never thought I'd enjoy creating so much, 3) I never thought anyone would want to buy what I made 4) I never thought buyers/viewers would send such lovely comments on my websites, blog, etc and 5) I never thought I feel such a connection and friendship to so many people I "met" at an online marketplace! Everyday I'm surprised. Who knew that I could make little figures and sculpt clay? I never did! I never studied art!

Guess you never say never! and instead you say "anyone can....."

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florcita said...

I couldn' t agree more with all your "surprises". The fact that people enjoy what one makes and wants to buy it and are satisfied with it, is just fantastic.

I guess relocating on the other side of the world and studying some kind of psychology leads you eventually to ...crafting?? hahahaaha coincidences!

glad you made the switch. Your art is smart, well made and beautiful!

Easterya said...

How we've all changed in 5 years, it's just mindboggling... And I can't believe you never sculpted anything before!! I agree with your list of surprises too, everything rings true for me, especially the network of friends!!
Great read, thanks for sharing! :)

meherio68 said...

Yay, well; I'm still not sure "anyone can"— you do have a special talent.
But I do agree on the pleasant surprises in all this.

Ruth said...

It's so fascinating to hear all our differences in where we've come from - and where we are now - but also so many commonalities too. Great to learn more about each other.

Wendren said...

Your jewelry is so beautiful. I am glad your talents were discovered and put to use. You are also a really fast learner: from knitting to jewelry making - wow, that is an inspiration.