Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bird feeder

A friend recently commissioned me to make a bird feeder necklace for her friend. I just finished it this week. I've made one very similar in style to this which is what she had seen but this time changed the birds a little bit.

I have one myself that I wear alot - and it always gets lots of comments.

As I haven't shown you a little video in a while, I thought I'd add this short youtube of feeding the birds. In this case, someone is hand feeding hummingbirds! Great idea! I want a go!

What do you think? Could you hold still long enough?


Jennifer said...

Your bird feeder is absolutely *adorable*... so cute!! I don't know if I could hold still for a hummingbird to feed out of my hand, but I sure would try!

Jan J. said...

This is just precious as is your story bracelet. I love the quote and how you made a bracelet out of the concept. Creativity is a real gift!

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

That is the sweetest video ever! I've watched it three times. Thanks so much for posting it. I really needed the smile this morning.

I love the feeders too. Are the wires milled or MC? They look delicate. I really need to come up north. I'd love to look at your store stash in person. Happy Sunday!

Melissa in NJ said...

I profoundly love this bird feeder pendant. I just love it!

Ruth said...

I so appreciate your kind comments. Thanks for looking and taking the time to comment. Luckily the birds around here seem to have plenty of food!