Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anyone can ride a bike....

even a Penny Farthing???

I've just finished a new piece in my "anyone can...." series. It's "anyone can ride a bike". Rather than just do a regular bicycle, I thought "anyone" would like the challenge of riding a Penny Farthing!

Not that I need the challenge of a Penny Farthing. Any bicycle is challenge enough for me and my sister as we never learnt to ride bikes when we were kids. I only started riding a bike when I moved to Sanibel Island in FL in 2000. My sister Mary has tried a couple of times - but, let's put it this way, it isn't her choice of activity!!! I was fine on Sanibel where it was flat and there were bike lanes so I didn't have to deal with other traffic. I really enjoying cycling then - but I am not an confident rider.

We took a cycle ride when we were in Vietnam - and my hands were so sore afterwards as I was holding on so tight! The whole ride was on unpaved narrow tracks with big drops either side into a horrid looking watery mess!!! I knew falling off wasn't an option, but it was tricky to keep going over these scary bridges and uneven tracks!!!

So - maybe "Anyone can ride a bike" was always on the cards for me to create! Our symbol of our missed bike riding days as kids!!!! (By the way, in their defense, it was because our house driveway went straight onto a busy road that my parents didn't want us to have bikes as kids.)

See - I told you that you would learn a lot about me reading my blog and seeing the stories behind my creations!


Karen said...

I love the "spoke" texture on the wheels! It reminds me of the underside of a mushroom. Hm... that might make an interesting piece as well...

Ruth said...

Hi Karen

I actually tried the wheels using lots of different methods....cutting out spokes, using wire for spokes.....I have "spare tires" all over my studio now - so if "anyone" gets a puncture, I could change it for him!!!!