Monday, May 18, 2009


As I've mentioned in previous posts, when people come to stay with us, we ask them to paint a little bird house for us which we then hang in the garden. They don't last forever, and if one disintegrates, it is repaired twice but then........ This way, repeat visitors get to paint another one when they return!

Yesterday saw John hanging our three new 2009 birdhouses - two were repeat artists and the third was their first birdhouse! It's lovely to wander around the garden and remember all our visitors by their birdhouses. Everyone has their own individual style too, which comes through so clearly.

This one was painted by my mum:

and hangs in the jasmine on our arbor. She wanted brown paint for the roof and asked why I didn't have any. I reminded her that I hate brown and therefore don't want brown birdhouses and so don't supply brown paint!!!!

This one was my dad's and hangs in an oak tree:

The the third was painted by my cousin Caroline (and also attributed to Jamie although I don't think he held a brush - but I'm sure he was very encouraging!!!). This one is hanging in the lovely red maple tree:
Don't they look great! Wonder how many more we will get this year from visitors...... You can see how I get inspired to create birdhouse jewelry!!!


Nicola said...

Your dads birdhouse is fabulous! Looks like the little church on the hill.....
Adore those little earrings. Cute!
Nic xx

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

What an incredibly lovely sentiment! I want to visit just so I can paint a birdhouse. And they're all different. Do you make your own blank Tweety Homes?

You're such a sweet soul.

Ruth said...

It is a sweet church one isn't it. Do you think there will be a rush of birds for that one of Sundays?
Come up any time Lora and paint! I don't make the houses - sorry to disappoint - but they are all different shapes and configurations and guests choose their own "architecture" and design!