Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - Life in the monsoon belt of the U.K.

By guest blogger Pete.

Well, we managed to get to Belvoir Castle (though they didn't invite us in for a meal) and the Steam and Traction Engine Fair that took place there last Sunday. The only minus was the weather. As we drove out of Lincoln the heavens opened and dumped torrential rain on us. The weather forecast that morning had promised sun with very occasion showers but this was no shower. I do wish the weather would listen to the morning forecast from Radio Lincoln. I was in two minds whether or not to continue but my optimistic wife suggested that we carry on and see what the weather was like at Belvoir. True to form, the rain stopped about half way to Belvoir and although you wouldn't have wanted to sit out in the garden at that point it was much better.

"Ah...St Bruno... I recognize that anywhere":

We duly found the site, joined a long queue of traffic, paid a not inconsiderable entrance fee, parked the car and made our way to the well known "TEA TENT" (which also served coffee), where we were to meet other members of the Photo-Nomads group. Then the heavens opened up once more with a monsoon type rain this time. Fortunately we had found a seat at a table - where we thought that if we'd arrived 15 minutes later we wouldn't have paid that not inconsiderable entrance fee but rather would have returned to the dry home we have in Lincoln. Have you ever made one cup of coffee last for one hour? We managed it, chatting animatedly with two other strangers who happened to be sharing the table with us.

"Anyone seen my twin brother?":

Eventually the rain did stop so we left that infamous TEA ROOM and ventured forth into the muddy pasture where the Fair was being held. My trainers took on a completely new shade of brown from their original colour and are, as I write this on the Monday, sitting in the garage drying out. That Fair, though, was far more than just a steam and traction engine affair. The army were there showing off a few tanks and spraying watchers with lovely brown sticky mud as they illustrated what the afore mentioned vehicles could do. We saw some beautiful vintage cars and farm vehicles - even saw specimens of a few of the cars I have owned, which, I hope, doesn't make me "vintage". There was also a fairground, which we studiously avoided; a wild west show (U.S wild west rather than the U.K. variety); a number of excellent models of circuses and other similar events and innumerable stalls selling greasy burgers, the origin of whose meat I would hesitate to investigate in case I happened to know the animal.

"I didn't know they gave you a telly in one of these":
We spent about two hours there until hunger got the better of us and we returned to our car for a late picnic lunch. Whilst having that lunch the monsoon made a return visit so we made our way home rather than returning to the mud rink. Good day, though!

"Oh no! I've burnt the toast again!":
Keep sploding around in that mud - it's supposed to be good for you. We've even had a bath in it at (California).

Where is that leak coming from ?:

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