Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My favourite metal clay tools - Part Two - dry clay stage

Following on from yesterday's post, today I'm going to tell you about my favourite tool that I use when the metal clay is dry but still not fired.

It's not a terribly high-tech tool - but a sanding sponge. I like the 3M soft back sanding sponges and use them in superfine, ultrafine and microfine grits.

With sculptural pieces that I make, I need something to sand a piece that isn't flat and has sharp edges. My pieces have soft rounded edges, like Quentin Quail here and to get that roundness, you need something soft and flexible. No use using a straight metal file or even a emery board style file - they just want to leave flat edges, but these soft backed sanding sponges are great.

I have got them from local hardware stores - however the one in town recently stopped stocking the grey ones I like and now stocks these yellow ones instead which I don't like - so avoid the ones shown to the right!

Anyhow, its a great and inexpensive tool that gives you little round bodies - amongst other things!

What's your favourite dry clay tool then? Any metal clayers out there wishing to share??

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