Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - 50th Anniversary

By guest blogger Pete

This next week looks like being a busy week for Pam and me so I thought it would be a good idea to set to and write this blog before that week even began . The reason why, in all likelihood, that it is going to be so busy, is that Friday 29th May marks the 50th anniversary of my ordination in Winchester Cathedral. On Friday various close friends of ours are coming to Lincoln to help us celebrate the event at our local church Unfortunately, Ruth can't be there but she has persuaded some of the adults in her cathedral choir to record the hymns for that service so that we can play them for others to join in with. That will give us a link with our younger daughter and her a link with us.

After the service Pam is arranging a meal together, which will give plenty of time to renew old friendships. I have worked in quite a few places beginning on a 30,000 population new housing estate in Southampton, moving from there to Tilbury and then to Walvis Bay, in what was then known as South West Africa but is, today, called Namibia. When we returned to the UK we moved to Chesterfield, from there to Grantham and next onto Warminster. North Hykeham was our final working destination before retirement took us 2 miles down to road to where we now live.

I have managed to wash the car down after the MUDDY journey to the sticky pastures of Belvoir Castle last week. Unfortunately, I have not - as yet - managed to get the mud off my trainers. Pam is to blame for that! I was going to do it yesterday but she said, "Leave it until a bit later!" Now, I am a very obedient husband and would not go against my boss' instructions. The Boy Scouts used to have a great money raising idea called "Bob a Job". For any non UK readers (and maybe for a few of those as well!) a "bob" was the nickname given to our old one shilling (now worth 5p). I don't, for a moment, think I could get a scout to clean my muddy trainers for 5p but I'd be more than willing to negotiate a new rate. Please contact me via the "comments" on this blog site.......

I write this post waiting for the TV man to come and replace or repair our broken DVD/Video player. He was supposed to be here for his first call of the day at 10 a.m.. It's now 11.30 a.m. and a recent telephone call revealed that he had forgotten to add the booking in the workshop diary to the shop diary but that he is on his way. I had a look out of the window to see if there was any sign of him and the iris flowers in our front garden caught my eye. This year must have been an exceptionally good one for irises (or is it "irisi"?) so I thought a photo or two for the blog would be in order. For the past two years we've been away at the time the irisi or irises were at their best. This year we've really enjoyed them every time we've been out of the house. A bit overcast when I took the photos but hope you like them.

Keep on planting - you never know what you're going to get!"

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