Friday, December 18, 2009

Wallace the woodpecker

For the last few weeks as I sit working in my studio, I've had quite an accompaniment. All I hear is this tap, tap, loud it feels like someone's tapping on my head.

I quickly realized it was a woodpecker and on several occasions I went outside to see what he was up to - but he'd fly away, squalking! Then I got smart and I'd sneak out....closing the door really quietly and tip-toeing around the back of the house. Then he'd be startled and squalk really loud and fly away!!!

Despite my sneaking, I'm still not sure what exactly he is pecking at .... We are surrounded by trees but obviously something around the roof line in my little attic studio has got his attention......

It gets a little annoying after a while.....but then I figured maybe he was trying to tell me something...and maybe that something was that he wanted a little bit of attention!

And so, I made a necklace of Wallace the woodpecker. It seemed a little odd in design terms to have a woodpecker pecking at a tile roof, so I showed him pecking at a tree...and maybe he will get the hint!

He looks so like a Wallace.....with that little bit of naughtiness and cuteness.....not that I know any other Wallaces..... Do you have any noisy woodpeckers near you, asking to be sculpted in silver?

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