Monday, December 21, 2009

Barb the porcupine

I just got a request to make a porcupine ear stud for a guy! Obviously, it couldn't be "cute" and the person didn't want it three dimensional....

So here is Barb - lonesome Barb as it is a single ear stud!

I was actually quite happy to make a porcupine as I love porcupines! When I lived in NH, everytime we went outside, I'd gaze up into the trees looking for them. I also used to volunteer at a Science Center and they kept injured animals who couldn't be released back into the wild. They had a porcupine and she was soooo pretty. As a docent, my favorite prop to take out on the trail to show the kids - and adults - was a giant porcupine quill! It was over 6 foot in length and got some attention! Then I'd show the kids the real quills and let them run their fingers up and down them to feel the tiny barbs on the ends that all run in one direction. This means the quill goes in easily but can't be pulled out because the barbs.

My favorite porcupine story was about this guy who once got a porcupine quill stuck in his leg. It went right in and he couldn't get it out. He didn't have any bad effects and nothing happened for a couple of weeks. Then, as he was a teacher, he was writing on a blackboard one day and his shirt kept getting stuck on something. At the end of class, he went to have a look at what was up with his shirt - and what did he find - but porcupine quill coming out of his arm! The shirt was catching on it as he moved his arm up and down writing! He pulled the quill out painlessly and everything was fine. He had a check up with the doctor and said there was no infection, no damage at all!!! You see, porcupine quills are naturally coated with an antibacterial which is why it didn't bother him - and this coating appears to be in case the porcupines fall and impail themselves with their own quills.

So the moral of the tale is - if you get a porcupine quill in you - don't try and pull it out. That's what will cause the damage and pain because of "Barb" - but have faith and leave it in and it will make it's own way out :=D

Let me know if you try it!!!!!!! And if you live in a place with porcupines...keep looking high in the trees...I never did see one in the wild.....

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Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

I'm not sure I could wait knowing I had a quill in me. But I DO think that is a CUTE porcupine...beautiful job!