Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday's Spotlight - Romans everywhere

By guest blogger Pete.

Oh dear! It's mistake time. Just put it down to old age - mine not yours, Last week I promised to let you know how the Lincoln Christmas Market went. I made that comment thinking in terms of Sundays. However, I have to get this blog sent off to Ruth before Sunday and with the Christmas Market starting on Thursday I can't report on its success or otherwise today. Apologies.

Pam noticed this in one of our newspapers. A lady went into a Supermarket and saw Christmas puddings on sale. She picked up one and was surprised to discover that the use by date was Dec 16th. They say that Christmas seems to come earlier every year but this is ridiculous. Perhaps it's a Boy Scout Christmas Pudding 'being prepared' before the day.

A well kept secret locally is that Lincoln was the site of a large Roman settlement. Many people here cannot understand why more publicity isn't given to this fact. It is something well worth knowing and passing on to others. Now a new web site has been created that is meant to offer a glimpse of Lincoln's Roman past. The site is

The name looks a lot better than the actual site itself. I was hoping for a photographic tour but the number of photos is rather poor. It's also a site for insomniacs. The one thing that it does achieve, though, is to show the extent of Roman remains in this city. Many visitors to the Bailgate uphill district have no idea that below their feet is a forum and that the stone circles seen quite plainly in the Bailgate road are, in fact, the tops of Roman pillars.

One other thing I learned was the one of the city centre churches - St Mary le Wigford - has, added to its Norman Tower, the tombstone of a Roman named Sacer. The inscription reads; "In the memory of the departed; to the name of Sacer, son of Bruscus, a Senorian citizen, and Carsouna his wife and Quintus his son". I bet many of the locals didn't know this tombstone existed. I didn't until I read about it this past week. There is so much to connect this city with the Romans that to produce on DVD on the subject wouldn't be too hard - or at least a photographic tour of Roman Lincoln.

Fraser Scarfe, a well know artist in these parts, has had an exhibition running in the Cathedral recently. He has, over the past few years, based himself in Lincolnshire. Another web site worth a look is Follow up the links that he provides. There is quite a bit here that will interest both artists and those interested in art.

Keep on digging via the Fraser Scarfe website and you'll be surprised at what you may find. Let me know if you come across any Romans!

PS the photos are from earlier in the year when we visited the village of Lavenham.

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